Safety Information

Updated Sunday December 2, 2018 by Clint Celio.

Safety Officer- Melissa Davis 775-790-0777   or


Our Safety Officer has developed some quality saftey documents and resources for us to ensure the welfare of our players this season. Please review the documents the Little League organization provides for managing safety issues during the season. Also checkout the league Safety Plan and First Aid documents developed for this season.

Please review these forms and download as required.

Accident Claim Form

Accident Claim Form Instructions

Accident Claim Form Instructions (En Espanol)

Clinic Approval Questionnaire

General Liability Claim Form

Incident/Injury Tracking Form (for league use only)

Medical Release Form

Medical Release Form (En Espanol)

What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance

What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance (En Espanol)


2017 First Aid Outline
Carson Valley Little League 2019 ASAP.docx