T Ball

Updated Sunday October 28, 2018 by Clint Celio.

T Ball Director:   Steve Thompson 775-901-3313  or   btst1299@gmail.com

Ages - 4 to 6

Season - Practices start mid March, games from April 1 to end of May

Locations - Games are played at both Apsen and Lampe Parks

Cost - $90

The T Ball Division is for age 4-6 year-old players. Players will need a glove, rubber cleats or tennis shoes, and baseball pants, if desired. Sweat pants are acceptable.  The league will supply a hat and a shirt.

Snacks, trophies, team parties are a great way to enjoy and conclude a season. This is up to the manager and parents.  Some teams may choose to set up a snack schedule for the team. This is not a requirement of the league, however.